Criminal Defense & Civil Matters

Meet with You and/or your Attorney


Clients have often told me that I was the first person that really listened to them and considered their version of events with the respect and dignity they deserved.  Together, we will develop a plan to achieve what needs to be done.

Scene Inspection


When necessary, we will capture digital video & photos, take measurements, and gather other info needed to bolster your defense.  This info can also be also used to create diagrams & court exhibits.

Police Procedure


Yes, law enforcement officers must also know and follow the law.  We examine issues related to search & seizure, warrantless searches, consensual contact, roadside sobriety tests, chemical testing, probation searches, and searches incident to arrest.

Records & Research


Knowing what to look for and where to find it can become very important.  When necessary and legal, we can access records related to the DMV, criminal & civil court, marriage & divorce, bankruptcy, property ownership, known associates, and more.

Stationary & Mobile Surveillance


Surveillance is the art of undetected observation. Its not easy sitting in a hot car for hours or having to tail a car in heavy traffic. Our investigators are well trained and will terminate a surveillance before risking detection by the target. We use high tech cameras & audio devices to gather the needed info.

Trial & Trial Preparation


A trial is often the culmination of weeks, months or years of investigation.  It is our mission to provide the attorney or the pro per defendant/plaintiff with the tools needed to win their case(s). The list of items and/or services we provide include witness interviews, well-written reports, summons/subpoena service, court exhibits, and PowerPoint presentations. We can also assist with evidence presentation/equipment, witnesses, and sworn testimony.

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